The analysis of general web site and network real name

            Web site and network name under the impact of IE7, is already worse every day, how to win a chance in the end between.

is the value of the brand, one is the flow of value.

brand beyond doubt. A large enterprise, a large area, such as Shougang, food, such brand value is great,

network after June, may be converted into another way.

will continue to increase publicity and channels.

real name and generic another value is the value of flow.

can recover the cost. So in the middle, still can get some short-term benefits. But not a lot of investment.

Web site may want to strengthen cooperation in the future with the major search. This flow will be a little higher.

appendix some commonly used query tools:

General Query: http://s.cnnic.cn/ 

network query: http://s.realname.alibaba.com.cn/

General real name keyword query http://s.key.admin5.com

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