Website promotion operation and system positive feedback

I think a lot of interactive website builders have had such an experience: building a web site, such as a community, or BBS or WIKI or, now all kinds of speculation of the WEB2.0 website, what the public evaluation, video, SNS, Digg, classification of information, or this kind of interaction is particularly strong Website Creator himself might think this is a very useful very good things, think the prospect of attracting and accumulation of users is very optimistic. However, the reality is often far from the user, scanty, desolate site, user contributed content less and less, many commercial operators will be used on their own copy paste all kinds of gossip to fill the erotic content, trying to in such a way palliatives to maintain and expand the flow.

is the most important input and output factor

why is that? Aside from the design, technology and business factors, in fact, the vast majority of site builders to understand and lack of human factors. In the design and development of a web site, on-line, promotion, operation of the growth chain, the human factor is essential to the site as a system, people are the most important factor in the input and output.

The first steps of the

site, such as a system in which a target group (we see it as an organization), are the most critical. As with any emerging mechanism phenomenon, concurrency (all spontaneous collaboration) produce nonlinear, nonlinear positive feedback self organization, self organization and nuclear production is dependent on the core characters to create an atmosphere, gradually expand the influence, to a certain period of time, a certain number of staff involved enthusiasm, are rich in content, has attracted more and more popular, more rich content, participation enthusiasm is higher, into the positive feedback times increase the rate of development period.

website to promote the development of positive feedback

of course, the promotion of the development of the site to form a positive feedback, the value of the site itself and the target user groups are good agreement, which is the basic premise. A typical negative feedback is that others feedback less, investment (including website management and maintenance and new users had positive feedback) did not return, the more not less psychological enthusiasm, the outside do not even have good feedback, positive frustration, website or community become a pool of stagnant water.

a good social software, or a community, if not to form a good circulation (positive feedback), especially when there is a fresh feeling and passion in the core and active users, will enter the development period of stagnation or even decline, so we must seize the formation of positive feedback time, but cannot evolve into negative feedback. When the positive feedback is not formed and the evolution of the negative feedback, the first time to carry out a large, related to the adjustment of the fundamental problem, otherwise the site will be very difficult to turn to a positive state of development.

so, it is very necessary to design a positive feedback mechanism

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