The actual dry cargo sharing campus promotion Sambo community, part-time, good ambassador

first Amway what is the edge of the school. Yuanchuang camp (ycpai.com) – venture to find people, find people start on Yuanchuang camp! Yuanchuang camp no campus promotion, and I’m in Yuanchuang camp is responsible for the online App promotion, my campus promotion experience from my university in two years of "two traffickers" experience, because of the students. Some experience of this identity summary may not be universal, and these experiences into the period in 2013 to 2014 in Nanjing. Above is a prerequisite!


"hard to chew" campus market

campus market for enterprises, really love and hate, love is that tens of billions of market capacity, anyone want to bite, did not see a stage of a round of financing in the market scale, without doubt, but what the consumer habit, do not repeat the training of potential users in fact, the university is a small society, no matter what kind of users, can be found in the University, just how much. Hate is that students too playboy, short-term rate of return is too low, too much control of colleges and universities, marketing means effective too little. So here I am from the community, part-time, said about three aspects of University Campus Ambassador, to push the palace.

community: colleges and universities to push the first artifact

most of the enterprises in Colleges and universities is to promote their products, and ultimately to the poster posted to promote their products, and build the venue rental, hire part-time personnel, may sometimes need to host, or improvisational programs add to the fun (magic, hip-hop), I believe that here, most of the the campus to push people have crazy. So find a reliable community to get everything is the most simple and effective way, the following is to say a few colleges and universities to push the attention of the community:

1, campus activities to do when the community choice:

1). The club is preferred, because the community to recruit new partners a more fierce competition, itself has a lot of energy into the new agency guy, two is the university community buddy generally hope that with good performance in the process of exercising their own or for their next official main save capital promotion. So the club buddy execution in general is relatively strong (students will find Shen, because the relationship between the Communist Youth League, the bottom line is the highest, many activities do not come, but because they find too many people, the diandaqike naturally or half unconsciously is inevitable, recommendations for the club or association of young volunteers Federation)

2) edge line activities as community hospital level, the general community hospital level audit standards than the university community slightly loose some (but not too much, so hope) in the approval of edge line activities, may find it a number of community hospital level, and the general price level than the cost of society, hospital the community asking price will be a little lower.

3) when talk about the person in charge and associations, and community outreach minister is the chairman of KOL>

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