Example of WeChat sweepstakes

WeChat fans increasingly difficult to increase, especially in a free way, and even the way to send gifts and other concerns are getting worse. Some people have done an analysis, and now the cost of adding a fan to more than 5 yuan, of course, different industries may not be the same. Thinking about it, it is now more effective to increase the number of fans is to engage in activities. If an event costs ten thousand yuan, an increase of more than ten thousand fans can be accepted. The most recent event we use is to hit the golden egg lottery, lottery may be considered relatively simple activities, but the planning and promotion of some of the details of the grasp is very particular about. To share with you the event data, began a few days after the fans to every day about 300 of the growth in the number of course we also plan to do some promotion in micro-blog, WeChat and other media, I believe, will achieve better results.

first, preparation

The preparation of

mainly includes the overall planning, technical support, the establishment of awards and prizes.

first to determine the activities of the target, our goal is to enhance the brand’s influence, increase the number of WeChat fans. From the perspective of brand influence, the more the number of users to participate in the better we hit the golden eggs, increase the number of fans from WeChat’s perspective, it is best to first pay attention to our WeChat to participate in activities, although such on the participation of users have a certain influence, but what we need is to pay more attention to and understanding of our fans. Finally, we chose to be able to pay attention to participate in the lottery after the third party platform, and can only be shared once a day to increase the chance of a draw.


prize choice, we mainly set up six levels, the grand prize for the company’s flagship product, cause needless to say, promote the company’s products, the first prize is I phone6, believe that the prize is a lot of activity, but also a lot of people involved in drawing the joy of love. Other awards is against the company made a choice in the elderly customers, such as air purifiers, oxygen machine, massage equipment, of course, the number of prizes last grade more, let more people have the winning surprise.

The basic process of

lottery is that, WeChat reply after ZJD, the system will return an article, click into the future will show several golden eggs, the eggs will be prompted to click is hit, if the winning will be prompted for contact.

two, lottery process

in the process of the implementation of the sweepstakes, summed up the following points need to pay attention to:

1 we are in many of the activities in the selection of hit the golden eggs, is given to our customers in the elderly, operation more convenient and better, but in the actual implementation of the process, we found that even though ZJD hit the golden egg first letter to some people or some complicated, because of the more simple the way, such as company name guanrui initials GR, or you can click on to participate in attention.


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