ECshop eShop shopex Hishop shop system services comparison

for several days to the domestic CMS manufacturers do a service evaluation, users reacted very strongly. Today is the domestic shop done in one vigorous effort of service vendors do evaluation, and strive to perfect the evaluation of product line, ha ha. Two review before you can view here:

today shop service I chose Kang Sheng ECshop, dynamic eshop, shopex system is easy to shop and Hishop shop and several famous for comparison. It should be said that products and services have been the two magic weapon to attract users. The product first, product first to meet our needs, or good service forms. But I looked down, the function of several products seem to be almost, you have I have, I do not have tomorrow will have. R & D strength than it, discuz must be strong, people more money, the product is really good. But shopex is not weak ah, as well as how dynamic is also the most domestic eshop manufacturers, their strength is not necessarily worse than discuz.

1, product manual (user manual)
products help manual is that we can quickly grasp the key, not the function of the product use so have a carefully designed product manual is the important thing.


PowerEasy eshop user manual can be viewed here:
shopex user manual can be viewed here: help_shopadv.html

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