Millet internal marketing manual for small business partners some inspiration

talk about the success of millet, a lot of people say it’s a good marketing. My initial understanding of millet is just stay on the surface, until read the internal marketing manual millet, changed my view, I think it is not so simple.

to stand out in many startups, must have their own characteristics. In addition to the need to have a certain amount of capital, talent selection, millet company also has a number of other factors of success, and take a look at some of my analysis.

the first and most important point is that it’s a good product. Product is the cornerstone of the product is not good, everything is impossible. Good reputation is based on good products. Product is not good, consumers do not like it, it will not take the initiative to help you spread. To do the product is to focus on doing a burst of first, so that it will produce good products.

second points, attention to detail, strong execution. When they learned that in order to do a conference of the PPT, not to mind taking the trouble changes, feeling quite. This is an attitude, the attitude of the product and the user. When a company goes up, everything is able to get serious, are not far from success.

third points, grasp the trend, and for their own use. From the earliest function type, brand type, experience type, to participate in, millet user aware consumer mentality has changed, and conform to the trend of the sense of participation, the rule of 33, had a major impact of marketing methods and channels for the service mode, choice.

fourth points, " all user centric ", reflected in the market positioning, brand planning, product development, marketing, after-sales service and other aspects. Millet is user thinking to consider the issue, the real interaction with the user to understand the preferences of the target user groups. For example, what the target user is talking about, where they like to gather, what they need. To really know these, can be targeted, good service and marketing.

last point, internal marketing and external marketing as important. So that the internal staff has become a fan of enterprise products, not only in order to better communicate with the user, but also to corporate propaganda and cohesion of the enterprise centripetal force.

Millet’s success is not accidental, it is by taking seriously every step of the realization of. Whether it is product development or customer service, all aspects of the pursuit of perfection, attention to detail and team execution. If each start-ups are able to do this, believe that success is point the day and await for it.

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