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is not afraid of deep alley, yes, if you stand professional enough, basic are original, you will go in a field. But don’t ignore the negative side of the saying. The operating site is very similar to a small company or a grocery store. In your stand out of the alley before the time, in the corporate entrepreneurship theory is called "inside the runway". In this paper, we try to discuss how to get through the "runway" stage and get on the right track through the operation of the grocery store.

first, the stress of the runway period comes from two aspects: Economic and psychological. Economic – the investors of commercial websites have expectations for profit and future vision. Less than expected, investors will consider whether to protect capital. Some friends say, I rent a server, I am the investor, can afford to consume! OK, do you think in the pay is "worth" at the same time, ever felt this stage is "the long?" love you for ten thousand years? Three years of operation of PR is less than 1, or less than PV 1000, can you bear? This is the "psychological problems".

two, the operating company’s people know that the company needs to survive the economic indicators of 2 – profit, cash flow. Can Long Expecting the so-called "big" as a profit, such as the Celtics decided to make your website VC. However, this can not be met, do not expect. Ma Yun said the relationship is the most unreliable "argument on this! Cash flow, from" small "or other to control sales behavior. Cash flow is the blood of enterprise. These two terms of operation to the owners of a revelation: we have a choice, do the tortoise or rabbit?

three, do "Tortoise" or "white rabbit"? I would like to use a small grocery store analogy to a starting stage of the site.

1, want to be the white rabbit, let flow in one step, consider a strategy: unless you do a professional station, then a knife gains is currently a large number of users, a strong rival site, otherwise, effectively obtained by theme word SEO entertainment, gossip, disaster and other measures of public concern of users


2, back to the grocery store, let’s think about a grocery store model. No one love a turtle, but the turtle type growth mode is worth learning.

The way and strategy of

, or 3 grocery store customers:

A, the mouth of the city do not need a good grocery store can survive. City mouth is good, is a kind of advertising. Put the right product for the market. For the web site, what is the mouth of the city, SEO ranking is certainly the mouth of the city, there is no SEO how to do? Consider a large source of cheap traffic, I would say that this is "access". Some government station or a station that xici.net professional channel · · · · · · ·

B, the city does not need a good grocery store

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