China hacking industry chain size or up to billions of information security concerns



to build a personal information security law

because of a consumer, medical, search, registration, your personal information may lead to "spread like wildfire, advertising messages, telephone fraud, and even the spread of computer viruses, steal user online account. According to media disclosure, the actual number of hackers to master the user database has more than 100 million, the scale of China’s hacking black chain or up to tens of billions of dollars.

in the network era, the network of personal information why frequent leak crisis? Behind a series of events "dike cave" in the end what? How to tie the personal information supervision of French


recently, the country’s first national standard for the protection of personal information to complete the preparation, the introduction soon, causing social concern. Legal experts and the industry generally believe that the introduction of specialized legal technicality, the unity of personal information protection, the use of evidence and information disclosure of personal information and unified law enforcement, by the "dike cave" is the most effective way is most urgent.

just on the site registered an account, real estate advertising messages will hit one by one; buy a signed contract, the decoration company to sell the phone immediately call over, the furniture store phone call directly to the mobile phone; just moved into a new house, someone called to ask "can not sell the house sell"……

present, personal information real estate intermediary website sold the user seems to have formed a chain, advertising messages, telemarketing calls can even accurately recall the owner’s name, personal information has no secret insurable.

reporter in a real estate portal website message found that users complain that too much spam messages and phone calls to the post, "advertising messages" as the key words to search out 16746 results.

, an unnamed insider said that the real estate portal business philosophy praised the "integrated marketing", and "one of the important contents of integrated marketing" is the so-called "membership information transfer".

in the respondents believe that the most likely to disclose personal information in the organization, the need to register personal information website and housing agency among the best. Now, marketing development, SMS advertising overwhelming, but has the real estate portal of the two functions has become the hardest hit by the disclosure of personal information.

in fact, users need to register personal information sites in the service agreement generally "the relevant provisions of the privacy system", is mainly explained how to protect information website registration information and how to use the membership.

, however, the service agreement uses a contract format, many of the terms, the contents of the lengthy, most users do not read or just browse the case of a direct check". It is in these without thinking "agree" behind the personal letter.

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