Website trusted service industry norms published by third party identity verification

China Electronic Commerce Association to develop China’s first industry norms "third party website credible service industry norms (Draft)" yesterday officially announced. Trusted site verification through the domain name, website, business registration or organization information to verify the interaction of the real identity of the site.

reporter noted that the norms in the implementation of the principle of the establishment of an independent application, real verification, multi-dimensional protection, privacy protection, the four principles, focusing on protecting the legitimate rights and interests of users. While in the service content, remove the authentication, specification for the first time explicitly trusted third party websites service content should also include all kinds of website trusted security service data encryption transmission, website operation monitoring, web tamper monitoring, the Trojan virus scanning, etc.".

trusted sites test management agencies in the network chairman Mao Wei said, "the trusted sites test will achieve three upgrades. The positioning, upgrade from "website authentication" for the "solution" trusted security concept;, from a single "trusted identity" upgrade ", the identity of the trusted service credible, trusted transmission"; the function, from the single "website authentication function" upgraded to "website authentication, site monitoring, operation the web tamper monitoring, trojan virus scanning, data encryption transmission five integrated function.

in the future, enterprises and institutions for implementation or trusted sites test, not only will be able to obtain the true identity authentication service, but also get website operation monitoring, web tamper monitoring, the Trojan virus scanning and other security service and data encryption and transmission full website convincing service.

in recent years, China’s e-commerce has maintained a strong momentum of development, but the lack of network fraud and integrity has become the development of the biggest resistance. Ministry of commerce data show that China’s enterprises due to lack of direct and indirect economic losses due to the loss of up to 600 billion yuan. (reporter Meng Wei)

              third party website credible service industry standard issued verification fee 15000

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