Curse of opera opera master who lost

      recently, run the risk of losing money to run a Chinese opera network,, although knowing that basically to lose money, but still insist on running. At present, the success of the opera website can be said to be numbered! Used to be the 5 largest opera website era the quintessence of Chinese culture, to obtain a certain visibility after transfer to others, so far did not update, the main is to do the opera website tired, do not make money, not to pull sponsorship to run. Opera website is not more than other stations, not easy to profit ah. It must be affiliated companies, so that you can make a living. Used to be the three largest portal website China Shaanxi opera is now affiliated to a company that is working for people, such examples too numerous to mention, can persist several opera sites in the end is also difficult to live.

      opera, Chinese ethnic things, so be forgotten by the Chinese people in the cultural flow…

      while the opera website is very easy. No company will sponsor the opera website, there is no one who will subsidize the opera site, opera site owners are all with a cavity in the enthusiasm of the operation, all with a passion for the arts of the Chinese nation. Are they for money? For advertising? For sponsorship?

      it’s better to be a porn site to make money, I personally understand!

      curse defeat opera, opera owners worry about sadness!

      sincerely hope that the Chinese national opera art can hit the brilliant! Hope that the opera site can create their own piece of heaven and earth! (Editor: admin02)

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