June domestic website traffic statistics Baidu won the top NetEase ranked among the top

IDC network (idcps.com) on 30 August 06 reports: according to the latest data China Internet Association – Chinese website ranking announced that as of June 26, 2014, the domestic website independent visits the top five are: Baidu, NetEase, Tencent.com, taobao.com and 360 security center, as shown below.


, as shown in the June period, the five major changes in the site traffic rankings slightly larger. Among them, the NetEase and Baidu flow showed a significant upward trend, Baidu regain first place, and the NetEase will rise to second. And the 360 different from the security center, the site traffic was a downward trend, from the first decline to the end. Tencent and Taobao, relatively flat.

compared with last month, Baidu rose 1, the 360 security center fell by 4, down to fifth. Of particular note is that the NetEase for the first time on the list, ranked second. While the fifth ranked the sina.com.cn, out of the top five.

below, IDC review network with everyone to understand the specific situation of these five major site traffic.

1, Baidu (baidu.com)


Baidu is the world’s largest Chinese search engine, was founded in Beijing in January 2000 in Zhongguancun by Robin Li, Xu Yong two people, mainly to provide web pages, music, pictures, news search, and Post Bar and WAP search function.

2, NetEase (163.com)


NetEase, China’s leading Internet Technology Company, is also China’s major portals, and Sina, Sohu, Tencent network and known as China’s four major portals". NetEase in the development of Internet applications, services and other technologies have always maintained a leading position in China’s industry. At present, online games, e-mail, news, blogs, search engines, forums, virtual communities and other services.

3, Tencent (qq.com)


Tencent.com is currently the largest portal, Tencent official website, provide QQ software, plug-ins and QQ game downloads, QQ show, QQ hall, QQ and fantasy, group, greeting cards, magazines, radio, friends, members and relevant help and customer service.

4, Taobao (taobao.com)


Taobao is Asia’s largest network of retail business, is committed to creating the world’s leading online retail business district, founded by Alibaba group in May 10, 2003. Including computer communications, for men and women

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