Webmaster unite to make a little contribution to the disaster

Xinhua news agency, Chengdu, May (reporter Yang Sanjun) – Sichuan Province, the disaster: the number of victims has more than 12000 people, the number of injured 26206, buried by a total of 9404 people, collapsed and damaged houses between the 3 million 460 thousand.

when you heard the news of the earthquake, you are not shocked?

when you hear the coverage of the disaster area, you are not sad?

when you see so many disaster victims, you do not feel sad?

as a Chinese, in the country encountered such a disaster moment, hurry up!

if you haven’t acted yet, don’t you feel ashamed?

although we each person’s strength is limited, but we hope that all of us can unite to do something for the disaster areas of their own things!

your 1 quick money, a dress…… Then you can help someone who needs help!

with Ali’s advertisement: early donate a second, save more than one


is a difficult, hope all Chinese help comes from all quarters, can ~


webmaster, now we need action, we need to influence more people, bring more people to the power station with us, do our best to make a contribution to the


thank webmaster nets take the lead in giving their own strength, the following need thousands of grass with stand up!

brothers……………… Let’s act together!

reach out your hands and donate money to the victims of the earthquake in Sichuan: http://s.missyuan.com/thread-289339-1-1.html

(never love writing level sucks, but today, even if you are brothers scold dead, this post will send)

I take the first, although not much, but I hope to do their little bit of strength!


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