The way of enterprise network marketing the strategy of operating B2C e-commerce website

saw the successful case where the customer, wheat bags, such as scouring music B2C e-commerce website, now most companies are testing the waters B2C e-commerce operation, hope through the network to open up new sales channels. B2C enterprises to carry out e-commerce, on the one hand, promote the informatization construction of enterprises, opened the enterprise network marketing, improve the enterprise sales performance and the competitiveness of enterprises, make the enterprises better; on the one hand increase the website construction demand, website operation, network promotion of employment demand increase, promote the further with the development of Internet industry. Following the current situation of the development of B2C e-commerce, to talk about the development of B2C e-commerce strategy:

, before the operation of the B2C electronic commerce website, the investigation can for sales of products in the industry, according to the network market demand, competitor analysis, positioning the target consumers, formulate corresponding plans, detailed planning of the whole operation process, such as the choice of the domain name will be a lot to think try to include domain name, product name, simple, easy to remember, looks authoritative, plays an important role in carefully selected domain for future development.

The construction of

two, B2C e-commerce sites try to choose a mature model, the procedure can choose Shopex, ECSHOP and so on, these online program is mature and stable, convenient payment payment interface, select the Alipay website interface is better; the best atmosphere, simple and convenient for buyers to browse and buy, we can refer to, wheat bags, Le Amoy and other success stories, to combine the design features and the eyes of the public, not by the leadership according to their own preferences; business promotion can implement the outsourcing or recruitment of specialized personnel, talent is the fundamental, do not put, if learning by inexperienced staff, is a waste of time, two is the site the operation will not have very good results.

three, website construction overall to meet the requirements of SEO, some mature shop procedures which do well, but some aspects still need to further optimize the operators, such as product details page: the title of writing, as far as possible to contain the product name, type the keyword; the introduction of products should be detailed to do deliberately exaggerated, and focus on the details related to bold or color, the font color should pay attention to browsing comfort; pictures of the products by the PS processing, image files can not be too large, otherwise affect the browsing speed, but also to clear picture, picture details can also display special amplification. General shop with mall news program modules, here can be placed on the product industry news, especially can put some main products more in detail, the key recommendation for these products.

four, the website promoting the need to develop a plan for the integration of customer groups, analysis of the target consumers, especially from the online shopping experience with people easier to find potential customers of enterprises, the previous research the accuracy of this network marketing plan based on the needs.

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