Quickly increase the amount of blog browsing to promote easy

to my experience in the promotion of view, the maintenance of a good blog, traffic than the major forums, Q & a website.

it was July at that time, just in time for the October in-service entrance exam time signing up (we stand is to do graduate education, drops) relative to other month, said this month is the peak season.

was seizing the opportunity to make good use of a blog promotion, and finally made a statistics, a day from a blog over IP is probably two hundred or three hundred, personally feel good, hey.

then let’s talk about it.

blog promotion and other promotion nets have a common requirement, that is "hard", if you only three days fishing nets two days of drying it believe that the site must be very bad harvest, so do website promotion work Comrades must conscientiously.

1, good fundamentals: frequently updated. The best way is to update the hours – in the morning: 9, 10, 11, 12 in the afternoon: 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on, let the spider pay attention to you, know that you are a good child.

2, Lianhaoneigong: new content, to be precise. Don’t put the old rotten millet moved out, must be fresh, unique content. Even if you do not own, then fake it, the others copied the article, a title of the first section of new in order to be different, with his bold · rational evaluation, the last paragraph to a summary of the kind of language, I believe we can fool the spider that stupid "pig" ~~


3: no problem after the content, reach the peak of perfection, I believe your blog either attention or accumulated almost, we will be ready to search engine fighting ~ ~ each web site have their own inherent in a few keywords this time, through the optimization of key words to make the search engine more effectively to you the site row to the first page. The same is true of the blog, the keyword should be properly integrated into the title and the article. As China’s online graduate student keyword is on-the-job graduate students, then the corresponding key words of the blog is also "on-the-job graduate". Memory is the most I use the above method, once the blog optimization to search on-the-job graduate, Baidu ranked third in nature. Ha ha ~~

above is my personal point of view, and I hope to be learning to promote the blog comrades will help ~~

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