How to choose the publishing platform for the promotion of classified information

By the end of

busy with statistical analysis of the performance of the company’s SEO department, found that some SEO half a year to send the information collection rate of less than 10%. View its release of information, most of which are still retained, not deleted. But Baidu, Google is not included in a. Carefully look at the information sent by the free classified information platform, most of which are included in Baidu is very low, no Alexa Rankings, snapshots are not updated, and some are even used in the dumpster domain name.

post is one of the important work of the extrapolation, the first post to ensure that the information can be released successfully, in fact, is to ensure that information can be included in search engines such as Baidu. With Baidu included and has a good ranking, you can get a higher amount of browsing, will also bring the target visitors and generate business benefits. The choice of classification information platform determines whether the information we publish can be included in search engines such as Baidu, select the correct and reasonable information platform is a key step in the post. The author of the individual operation of the classified information platform – business network 35dalu.com operating experience, to share with you how to choose the right classification information platform.

summary, a good classification information platform will have the following characteristics:

a high weight high PR, high included, real-time snapshot

Several classification information platform

is in the leading position, such as 58 city, go to the market, KVOV, the Baidu home page snapshot is not more than 1 days, the latest snapshot. Included are not less than 1 million, Baidu weight is not less than 6. Of course, the higher the weight of the PR, the faster we include the more difficult to release the above success. We release product information is to be a platform for multiple release.

two domain name good record, meaning clear, and the site theme related

intentions to operate the classified information platform, the domain name is bound to be carefully considered, not the founder of the site is a result of impulsive thinking. For example, business network classification information platform of the domain name 35dalu+com, "35" represents the "business", "Dalu", business, domain name can let visitors understand, remember that business network is an electronic commerce website, and is for the e-commerce platform in china. We choose the classification of information platform, the domain name is good to remember, meaning related, com or org or net end of the priority, because Baidu, Google will give priority to these trust.

three web page layout clear

now has a lot of classified information platform, the web interface or whether the home page is a detailed, full page advertisements, some even have to read the text are blocked. If you encounter such an information platform, we can immediately shut down. Full screen ads can only explain simply lack the business operators. We will be the company’s product information on the interface so that the display of publicity, will only make the target customers to produce resentment or even distrust, doubt whether we are right >

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