The application of viral marketing in the field of Taobao

today, Taobao in the guest exchange group, a friend mentioned about viral marketing problems, I think the viral marketing for Taobao customers, is a reference to the Taobao customer promotion means, but because of the "virus", I have been reluctant to use, but since today that this topic is simple and share with you, what is the application of viral marketing,.

and viral marketing in Taobao in the guest

what is viral marketing

simply said, is a way to use the user’s own communication marketing techniques, like a virus, by the user to spread their own.

a simple example, for example, Huo always launched a Taobao customer tutorial, if you want to learn, to promote the 100 IP to the tutorial pages of advertising, or you want to get a free software, you need to specify a link sent to the 100 groups, with free access. So, the user is drained, if they are interested in the software or the tutorial, but also need to attract 100 users, such a model, it belongs to the virus marketing.

of course, the above is only for example, Huo always blog for Taobao customers from the media, all information and tutorial free sharing, certainly not charges, will not be able to view a similar drainage "viral marketing" technique.

Application of

virus marketing in the field of Taobao

In fact,

virus marketing can not only be used in the sale of software, we can also be used to do Taobao. Here, to share with you a few applications Taobao virus marketing operation of the way, interested friends can freely divergent.



on micro-blog, one of its characteristics is that you can use the @ to echo the group of friends, then we can conduct marketing in this way, reference words:

@ three of your friends, and forwarded this micro-blog, you and your three friends will see in the year of the disaster will not turn the blood! ", of course, in addition to the words, you also need to match the above and the horse related images, as in the picture or the micro-blog plug in which advertising is your freedom, for example, how to hang a Juhuasuan Taobao customer link,


note: the idea seems and Li Xiaorui in the group are similar, but it really wasn’t my copy, please don’t mind / small sharp classmates, they.


actually, just now you examples, some injustice, in fact, we can also use another way to promote, is a combination of database marketing.

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