2013 webmaster SEO road should be how to choose

from the second half of 2012, SEO industry began to decline, perhaps I should write a brace here to write on the Baidu. The webmaster especially the medical industry is experiencing a heavy blow to the now too horrible to look at. I think is quite satisfactory, not bought the chain, the chain is not used, no luck through the acquisition, there is no shortcut to steal too lazy, the first half of 2012 measurements of data has been fairly impressive, but unfortunately as many as their counterparts in the first wave of 6.28K station in Chennai. After that, there was a brief recovery, but it quickly disappeared in the waves of Baidu’s events. Until now, I believe many of the medical industry is not just thinking about the webmaster, in the new year, we should go from here?

maybe we should change a way of thinking, in February 19th Baidu released Scindapsus algorithm on-line announcement, we can see from the beginning of the second half of 2012, Baidu has no operation to start guide information across the Internet, the background of this is why Baidu research, the author thinks that there are two possible background, the first is the mobile Internet era the coming second, 360 search into a strong market. 360 into the search field, Baidu’s market value evaporated billions, Baidu may not do what more justified; frequently update algorithm, re introduction of new rules, all is understandable.

in February 26th, 360 by the disclosure of "black box", regardless of whether these events in the US which is right and which is wrong, Dou small webmaster, now we can only follow Baidu’s Guide: to give the user valuable content, well, maybe I really stand there all is rubbish; not the sale of links. Well, perhaps related industries will suffer a serious blow even disappeared, no doubt, Baidu has such power, perhaps it should be said that the Baidu guide owners have such power.

we objectively speaking, Baidu leads the whole China Internet environment it also has a positive side, the webmaster and spend time complaining and anger is not calm thinking our future road how to move in the direction of where? CNZZ observation data, the first half of 2012 of 2012 a good to hear or see. During the first half of a just found in too horrible to look at, too horrible to look at, we have never done the other search engines in support of our traffic will not let us go back to before liberation, although not with K before compared to inadequate, but better than nothing.

do we have to give up Baidu to look into other search engines? From the CNZZ data center, Baidu has maintained about 70% of the domestic market share of the market, although the 360 month to erode the market, but I think it is not endless. Eroded to a certain extent can not shake Baidu’s first position. Whether it is from the accumulation of technology or other aspects of this is the case.

we all know that Baidu was started by MP3 search, but careful webmaster >

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