Personal website promotion of several good methods (for beginners to learn)

first, and we talk about feelings:


just make the site every day, there is a need to do is go to the online collection of information on the

website promotion!

also studied several months of engine knowledge, fortunately, a few months of hard and finally were not in vain, to the flow of the engine has been stable in thousands of IP. and so on the engine after a few months. However, overnight Baidu actually blocked many pages, only a few tens of thousands of pages of page! (looking for a pain ah! One day, is to understand why, on him is not a permanent solution, the initial concern is to become a reality)! Okay, I feel quite carefully, through their own efforts, the discharge loss of Baidu make up over 35 days


two, Chinese website promotion (site traffic increase):

didn’t Baidu, how to do? I had a flow of the background analysis of several IP 10000 station, found that the flow is not only the engine on the one hand, there are a lot of places to flow, and the flow will be more than a few Baidu! Here are a few of my simple analysis results: < / p>

flow generally on such aspects: the antecedents of


1, search engine

2, advertising exchange

3, spend money to advertise

4, their free publicity

5, friendship connection

6, web site to connect


1 search engines: I do not want to say this, there are a lot of master forum published a good many aspects of engine promotion! The engine must not be ignored, this is a very important step, the size of the engine is landing station must (not only Baidu, GOOGLE, 3721 163, QQ Sun Wukong, and so on to flow together, a lot of): rich web content, improve website content update frequency, January without an article, the engine won’t value you, updated every day more than 10 articles, you will find that you will be more than you can imagine in the engine rankings also often! In Donews. Admin5, left behind to write original articles, and the search is also very useful to promote and improve the weight of

2 ad exchange even! Now appeared on the Internet a lot of big or small, normal advertisement exchange is connected. I analyzed a movie station, every day he has more than 5000IP advertising is even to! Of course the general station also do not want to be nodded much but the real! The practice proves that advertising is a way to improve even flow. Even many online advertising, dark horse. Pioneer and so on, can stand the right choice even put it, more or less can bring some IP


3 paid advertising! This is needless to say, the money will be easier! However, you also have to think about money affordable


4 do it yourself!

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