Duguxiaomeng the web page content to guide the marketing strategy

a link to the site can lead to a doubling of the sales rate, the original simple and so the rules. Duguxiaomeng I am currently working in a network marketing company, served as the company’s operations manager, mainly responsible for the company took over the site all the marketing work. Today duguxiaomeng took over a site when in the company, due to the importance of leadership many times to emphasize customer, so duguxiaomeng took over in the process had to repeatedly caution. Every time I took over a site, the basic will do is a comprehensive analysis of the site, do a good job site optimization notes. Then it will be handed over to the Department colleagues.

this station is the portal station, some key words ranking is better. (here duguxiaomeng do not publish the link, the future will be the whole station network marketing program writing. Operation of the station to do this is to deepen the search engine optimization work, and every day to add high-quality content, and then the user’s guide. This website user experience than the same industry site do better, because it is a car site, website has a "make an appointment to test drive", "group purchase system" "online complaint" "solution" and other functions. For an intent IP, these are enough to trigger a consumer awareness and action. But the flow of this station is not very large, every day, basically maintained at around 100IP.

every day to maintain such a basic flow, but each IP is a high-quality IP, can be seen from the PV. (there is no use of any software brush), part of the flow to Baidu search, part of the link from a sentient, part of the direct input from the url. As the home page of the user experience has been able to achieve the intended target. Then there is a problem, that is, from the flow of keywords, directly to the content page, while ignoring the home page. So when the user after reading the content directly close the window, rather than clicking on another page. This greatly reduces the utilization of IP.

so duguxiaomeng tracepoints into the content page after the discovery of another marketing strategy, but also can be said to be the IP utilization rate. The content of each page are illustrated, seems to take on an altogether new aspect. The end of each page is added:

also launched a special weekend * * * enjoy Legou activities:


1, how to (draw)

2, how to (gift)

detailed contact information.

finally, also added two flashing pictures, as follows:


each page there are such endings, so this would solve the duguxiaomeng mentioned above, the IP utilization rate, users in the complete read articles, nature can see the two eye-catching icon, so.

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