Talking about the 2 ways to increase the flow and popularity of group buying website

introduced the popular 2 popular ways to buy site today.

first paid marketing.

(1), including now Baidu PPC, AdWords and some advertising alliance CPA, CPC and other methods of marketing (do not understand the Baidu Encyclopedia), of course, the premise is that there must be a certain amount of money. For example, Baidu bid, regional group purchase website name + this combination, each month to burn money is considerable, if not too much money, or for some personal head, choose the more popular key words is a good way, this needs the webmaster do further analysis of their group purchase website traffic source. Now a lot of large and medium-sized buy site using this method. Here we see an example, search Hangzhou and Hangzhou network group purchase group purchase share of the highest, then we can choose the most popular relatively low degree of Hangzhou group purchase website or to take a further step in Hangzhou for bidding keywords group purchase in our.


(2) buy site navigation

group purchase website navigation is now slowly on the right track, group purchase site navigation several of the domestic high popularity of group 800 and group, if can appear on the front page of the website will greatly enhance the visibility and brand recognition. But in the navigation above advertising will weigh your own wallet, if the money is not enough to take a step back, looking for some of the more famous local navigation group purchase would be a wise choice. Of course, not on the home conversion rate is high, the quality of the project is to buy the site to buy the most important thing to survive. A bad buy even if the project on the home page will not bring a higher conversion rate, otherwise it is just a waste of resources.

(3) traditional and non-traditional marketing

includes TV, mobile media, building media, elevator print media, etc.. But the vast majority of small and medium-sized webmaster can not get this step, however, can come to this step are often some of the large group buying site, brand and recognition are higher, for the time being do not discuss.

second is a special SEO.

relative to pay for marketing, SEO search engine optimization has several advantages.

(1) is the most obvious price advantage. The cost of a month’s auction may be able to reach the SEO to optimize the cost of six months or even a year.

(2) resource utilization is reasonable and sufficient. SEO covers a wide range, including all search engines included, ready for a fight a protracted war group purchase website, lasting get good rankings is very important, not do not pay after sales and marketing flow down, even to the point of No one shows any interest in it is benefit for life,

(3) SEO can assume the responsibility that buys group website operation, small and medium-sized group buys >

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