The traditional enterprise network marketing four steps to start

now the Internet has developed into a super market, companies miss the Internet, not to miss an opportunity, but miss an era. Internet as a new marketing platform, with its information, across time and space, low cost, personalized and other advantages, quickly became the major enterprises to upgrade the performance and profit darling, help the enterprise profit easily through the network, efficient development. Many enterprises have paid more and more attention to the importance of electronic commerce, but I do not know how to start, to spend money or website promotion, but with little success, business leaders do not attach importance to the network marketing, positioning is not accurate, the system is not perfect is the prevalent phenomenon, today we will talk about how to quickly start the traditional enterprise network marketing, the successful transformation through the network.

a, precise positioning

precise positioning is conducive to the implementation of enterprise network marketing, positioning is the direction of the enterprise is not precise positioning, all efforts will be wasted. Positioning includes the positioning of the profit model, the positioning of the target customers, the positioning of the core product, the positioning of the product selling point, the positioning of the keywords and the positioning of the mobile internet. Prior to this, Xiao Bian published an article "what is positioning, how to do a good job of network marketing positioning", the details are welcome to click.

two, with the power of communication and marketing

according to statistics, 90% of the enterprises have to do a website, but these enterprises only 1% enterprises in the Internet took orders! This is what reason, as everyone knows: Internet access network sales = promotion brings * website transaction customer lifetime value the ability of customers *, and those online single rate of only 1% of the enterprises an important reason is that the website or shop does not have the closing force and the transmission. And we advocate the marketing website is precisely because it has two important factors, enough to become the basis of network marketing.

three, free promotion and paid advertising effectively combine

free promotion means a lot, such as e-mail marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization, blog marketing, video marketing, micro-blog marketing and so on, but the key is not all to do business, but according to the actual situation and characteristics of enterprises choose the most suitable way to. Paid advertising, in the eyes of many entrepreneurs, is a kind of "burn" behavior, how to get the highest benefit by the lowest cost, there are four keys to set better goals, choose media, ready to do more tests. Enterprises according to their own development set the goal of advertising, how much, how much; according to the target selected advertising media, such as advertising, advertising investment, industry portal website advertising alliance; do all aspects in preparation for popularization, copywriting, website construction, such as customer service staff turnover operation if ready, the title and description of advertising writing and keyword positioning; finally, enterprises should do more tests, through testing, can allow enterprises to find the source of the target customers, reduce the cost, improve the transaction site traffic order conversion rate.


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