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to improve the site’s ranking in Google – search engine site design,

Key words:

Google PageRank " link popularity" " website promotion" " optimization; for search engine"
Abstract: current Chinese sites throughout the Internet is still relatively small, this is mainly due to the overall level (technology, content) are still relatively backward caused the main manifestations are:
page Design: the page title repeat. Keywords transition is not prominent, using JavaScript script / picture /Flash is not suitable for search engine indexing non text form;
most site as long as through some simple strategies can make a web site the level of a true embodiment in the Internet, the website search engine optimization for structure design considerations include: " The importance of BR /
linked references; how to highlight the page title, key words: design theme;
page and site structure design considerations;
and site access statistics such as the importance of
Google site design guide
(Note: this website design itself by some method). What is the PageRank
Google search engine is one of the advantages of the new area is not only the index in large quantity, but also the best results in the front row of the search results, the specific principle can refer to Google PageRank in secret – a thorough explanation, cited mechanism is similar to scientific papers in PageRank simple: who the paper cited, who is the authority. On the Internet, PageRank is based on the analysis of the links between web pages.

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