How to break through the bottleneck of the development of local portal website

According to authoritative statistics

statistics the number of China users more than 400 million, ranking the highest in the world, and is still in the rapid growth. As Internet users rely on the Internet is becoming more and more mature and continue to increase, China’s current website already cannot satisfy the demand, especially in the local site, it can be said that the current still tends to the initial stage, and through various investigations found that Internet users for local site dependence is far higher than other sites, because the local web site for Internet users its authenticity, practicality, sense of belonging and many other aspects of other sites can not be done.

however, for local portals, there is no unified strength brand. At present, basically is the official information port, individual grassroots website, personal or team, because the strength of the problem, so most of these sites have the following problems

: a weak technical force, most of these sites are from Internet enthusiasts through spare time to build up the local portal site itself does not have a strong ability of independent development of the Internet technology, both the website function, or web design or optimization and other aspects are subject to certain restrictions, when the website development a certain extent, the need to invest a lot of software engineers to develop and maintain website, the local portal site due to lack of funds, technology, and the strength of a team. Development is subject to certain restrictions.

two: the team strength is small, such sites are generally by the master of a person in the local promotion operations, most invite relatives and friends around to help the promotion, no professional operation team, no independent development ability and market development ability. Although the website development, but the slow pace of development, the current can not keep up with the pace of the Internet, for a long time, if there is no self breakthrough, which will be left behind.

three: poor profitability, operating local portal site of the two most important words are "accumulation" and "stick", the initial site, basically relying on the enthusiasm of the webmaster continued to advance, but because of a small start website profit space, the enthusiasm of the webmaster will decline, it is difficult to continue service, not to mention the orderly operation of the website upgrade, thus gradually customers will be lost. Unless there is a strong financial support, based on the original site, looking for a diversified revenue model, in line with the development of the Internet mainstream website function, otherwise it will eventually become chicken ribs, tasteless gesture. With the progress of Internet technology, will gradually fade out of the local market.

due to the above reasons, the local portal development to a degree, is restricted, you need to change, must from the operation of individual owners to the company’s qualitative change, to provide more professional local, more stable Internet service. This is the result of market evolution. But many sites will not be able to do, and you can not change, there is no doubt that its exit from the Internet market is inevitable.

and the current Internet market is a relatively new way to use the way to join >

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