How to make your business APP more marketing value

APP applications now flooding, promotion difficulties has become a heart disease in many enterprises, the recent survey found that institutions do APP promotion cost comparison website promotion cost 10 times higher, in the face of such a high cost of promotion, enterprise APP

should be how to deal with?

we have a lot of customers who are APP APP, brand promotion of enterprise products online shopping APP, restaurant takeout orders APP and so on, this kind of APP for the enterprise’s own business situation and development, because the content is boring, single function, so that even if great effort is not much promotion effect.

in our in-depth exchanges with customers, they found the APP do not know much, just see the media that intelligent mobile phone users more than computer users, since the site even APP APP together, how to promote the effect of marketing is absolutely ignorant of how to produce, and they don’t expect too much of APP it can develop marketing effect. Why is this, because they use the site’s thinking to define the APP, I think this is just a platform for information display. In fact, we may wish to expand their thinking, so that APP do more interesting and more interactive, so as to have the opportunity to get a good marketing results.

below are some of the examples and methods we give our customers:

1, millet mall APP: This is a sale of Millet’s own company’s mobile phone terminal mall APP. Usually this shopping class applications customers are relatively limited, but there are product information and shopping, if the customer is not needed for this product and the product is the exclusive or of the brand is full of confidence, so the application is very difficult to promote. Of course, when the millet launch this application millet phone has been very well-known, but they also increase the shake to get low-cost privileges, as well as 10 points spike and other interactive promotional features, add fun to the application. We have recently developed Tmall ten brand Yin man APP and its APP brand mall wardrobe is also considering the use of such a function.

2, Starbucks alarm: we have a new concept of health delivery customers fast food is making breakfast, before they find we do have reservation function APP, but has not thought of how to promote, believe that Starbucks’s case is worthy of their reference, Starbucks APP is actually the standard enterprise brand APP. Starbucks in order to promote their APP planning "good morning alarm" activities, users only need to set the alarm on their APP (late for the morning of 9 points), Starbucks entered any stores in alarm after one hour, will be able to enjoy the new breakfast half price discount. Through such activities Starbucks "ice shake Qin Shuang", sales reached 7 million 500 thousand yuan.

3, find the scarlet letter: This is our own planning ideas, let users find the three red paper, then the article share to micro-blog or WeChat, will have the opportunity to receive gifts or coupons, if you have a physical store can be arranged into the store and said.

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