Social media marketing how Logos makes $300 thousand a week

Logos Bible Software is a 100% online trading software company, founded in 1992, from the first few programmers to develop the world’s largest Bible Software developers. The software company from the project to detect the idea of product promotion rely solely on social media, the use of word of mouth to sell products and spread the brand.

Logos in the social media marketing has achieved great success, compared with the same period in the previous year, software sales increased by 2 times. This is not only because of the size of the company itself, but more importantly, Logos fans, follower and the number of contacts with customers are expanding, so as to support the long-term development.


Dan Pritchett said: there is no social marketing, we can not carry out publicity, because they do not do any advertising for their own. We just want to give rewards to those who have social connections with us in our community."


Logos Bible Software

social media data:

official website:

Facebook:24697 fans

Twitter:25392 followers


– two days between Thanksgiving and Christmas on Saturday, Logos made $300 thousand in sales, the same period last year (not using social media platform) of 3 times.

– the team deals with 2000 emails.

– did not spend any money on marketing and advertising

-marketing VP spent an hour to plan and launch promotional activities.

test the water social media marketing

in recent years, Logos will be held in black Friday promotions, but in 2010, the company has no plans, Pritchett’s marketing team also went to the feast, this is when Pritchett started to use Facebook to do marketing. He wrote a post asking customers to see the software at the end of the year. Customers reflect very positive.


Pritchett also said that from this post was just a little thought, but did not fully understand what is going on. However, Pritchett is not on the Internet to publish discount information, but the customer wants to provide software discounts.

operating procedures such as

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