BM’s wisdom simply creating value

"we know that IBM is a very complex technology company. However, even though we are selling something complex, we try to talk about it in a very simple way, and we want people to communicate with the IBM brand." Ann Rubin – IBM brand content and global creative vice president, said.

IBM was born in 1911 and now has more than 100 years, as an B2B company, IBM content marketing is known as the "textbook", like Rubin said, they believe that simple things can create great value.

IBM in recent years actually used what marketing strategy to get Nene Amway.

I’m IBMer – with the power of employees

IBM content marketing is one of the most commendable is that they are good at using the power of employees. First they can use content marketing way to their internal industry experts into external in the industry, a high degree of recognition of experts, and then through these external experts recognized high degree of influence to help bring awareness within the industry and eventually expand sales.

is now a popular way to say, is to create an individual IP employees, training a lot of internal KOL.

but it sounds easy to do. On the one hand, IBM how to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees to produce content on the other hand, not every employee will produce content, to know a lot of technical men, although there are ideas but it is difficult to express.

IBM is doing this:

through a variety of training courses to share content creation methods, providing learning resources, but also often have the opportunity to communicate with experts;

employees can have a great degree of freedom of creation, and their content will not pass a rigorous audit, on the contrary, IBM allows employees to create their own perspective to support the company does not support everything;

IBM has created an internal web site where employees can access at any time and provide self-help guides;

this is also the most fundamental point, that is, the content of IBM marketing methods to arouse people’s sense of belonging, mission, so that they become proud of being a IBMer.

For example, they created a I’m IBMer

(I IBM) through a series of internal posters, comic form shows the real work of employees, so we believe that IBM can really affect the life and social aspects of life, let the world become more beautiful.




concludes that IBM employees are running at least 45 major social media and promotional blogs. >

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