Two to complete the $150 million B round of financing, said the founder of the 2017 head content wil


technology news news January 19th, two today officially announced the completion of 150 million yuan B round of financing, the current round of financing by Jing Yuan capital investment area, Qianhai, Tak investment capital with Ethernet, the original institutional shareholders, the cornerstone of the capital real growth fund and OFC with investment.

Hangzhou two network technology Co., Ltd. was founded in the end of 2014, the first to open a public number in WeChat, more than two per night, released an original video. April 2015, two more from the media big night dining hall, set up more than two culture, and then officially changed its name to the cafeteria for more than two.

two is currently a new media video providers, covering more than two video, more than the cafeteria, etc., the topic involves the humanities, art, fashion, life and other aspects, the main way to cash for advertising. In March 2016, two more won the joint venture capital and the cornerstone of Zhenge fund 50 million yuan A round of financing.

round investors Tak Qianhai fund partner Chen Yuchuan said that two of the investment is more an important reason is that he recognized two more in more than a year to build a powerful and creative marketing team and director system. It is reported that the current round of financing will be mainly used for the training of film and television personnel training, the construction of the content of IP, the establishment of a national video marketing system to improve the overall.

two network founder and chairman Ding Feng said, "since the start of 2014, the market has undergone great changes, then we feel this thing is very fresh, man started from the media, 2015 also began to enter the capital, we believe that since the media era. By 2016, suddenly seemed to cool down, and feel the quality of content is difficult, IP realized, etc. are far away from the content entrepreneurs. 2017 I believe that the head of the real outbreak."

in 2016, the short video industry ushered in the outbreak. Data show that China’s short video network 2014-2016 depth concern about the growth rate of active users over 66.6%. Today’s headlines data also show that in 2015 so far, there are more than 1 billion times a day on the video today’s headlines platform, the content of the video content of 74% in the next five minutes.

As for the

industry realized, Ding Feng had to accept an interview with the Economic Observer newspaper said, short video industry is in the first stage of enterprises rely on advertising; the second stage, may be part of an advertisement, a part of IP. The best way to realize the existing advertising. Because in the market, the advertising market is large enough, tens of millions, trillion." (Tan Xiaohan)

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