How to thoroughly analyze the nature of marketing and build the system of promotion management

wine is also afraid of deep alley, marketing is the modern products hit the market the only way which must be passed. In particular, the current economic downturn, how to get the most attention in a short time, almost related to the life of the product and the enterprise. I think this is a problem that we all have to face. Of course, more and more people are mentioned in today’s marketing, many friends have a deep misunderstanding of marketing.

1, marketing is to spend more money.

2, marketing is to attract more eyeballs.

3, marketing is to tell the story, no matter whether it is feasible.

false empty space has become the core of today’s marketing standards. But this is in fact? Look at the domestic and foreign outstanding marketing case, such as Durex, jiaduobao, everyone on the marketing case of the control is not closely linked to false, but from the three dimensions of imagination, ecological products, step by step, can be said that marketing is a "stage" since I, at the same time node is a test of the enterprise pattern. Want to understand the nature of marketing, to create their own promotion system, I think we have a lot of homework to do.

first, imagination is a prerequisite.


does not mean that Arabian Nights, telling some things imagination is boundless, so marketers can itself from the present situation, starting from the background, really create a business environment to meet the current marketing copy. Whether it is a list of Taobao double eleven discount, or circle of friends crazy pass red powder, marketing is a particular word, you can think, you dare to think, you have the possibility of growth. A stick in the mud, market discipline, in the end we may not be the result we want. Marketing about the fast fish eat slow, from the current environment carefully looking for possible Flashpoint, sharing the bicycle, friends borrowing, second-hand car trading and so on, these things happen around are tremendous investment opportunities. Marketing need to leveraging the power, to find a suitable force, will be directly embedded into the product, the return will be beyond your imagination. New energy vehicles, television content ecosystem, and do not ask what the final outcome, in the current environment, it has earned the greatest amount of attention. The analogy to the side, because many people dare to think, has made his first pot of gold, before there is a friend to do the driving school enrollment, the norm is to broker a commission, but difficult to do business, too many people grab a piece of cake, so he changed the idea of a school season for students., launched a series of promotions, 300 yuan rebate directly to them, set like forms to obtain more fans, the use of two-dimensional code. The times have changed, I think everyone’s marketing ideas should fundamentally change, otherwise it will be difficult to adapt to the current marketing era.

two, the product is based on the.

In fact,

marketing is only in one side, a network has been able to get the money of investors, in addition to the idea of innovation, can get a certain production >

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