Personal photo album, how the future

should be from the beginning of 2003, personal album from popular domestic Internet, so it can even the portal site also launched every kind of photo album. This year has gone through fourth years, in addition to NetEase, Tencent and other portal site, personal or small network company launched the album service site has countless, but want to ask, profit?

pictures than text, to occupy a lot of storage space and bandwidth, and now users are needed to support the album outside the chain, which increases the cost of service. Do not talk about foreign countries, on the domestic, in addition to the door, do better, such as YuPop, Mofile, MoChu. YuPop has a good year, there is a certain group of users, but it seems that the circle function is not very fire; Mofile is mainly made of video, but the album number quite certain scale; Mochu.net is a start near the railway station, the user experience to do good, not only from the local upload photos, the one click upload more users can easily save directly on the network to the photo album.

summary, picture storage cost is not high but the video, compared to the traditional text site, certainly the cost of consumption is much higher, and these costs, so far, has not yet recovered the pattern of a good. Users need to be free, need a good experience, and our service providers should also think, to see whether there is a perfect method.

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