How to combine content operations with products

according to user needs, so that the product to achieve the scene and personalization, which is the core part of product operations. This requires the combination of content operations and products to meet user needs. The following example to analyze how to combine the content of the operation and product.

one, starting from the user needs, the scene

simply, is to use the user’s products out of the scene, and then according to the needs of the scene, the development of planning content, the content and user connections to meet user needs.

as an example of film products. The user is viewing the scene to people, which are decision-making, tickets, tickets, viewing, so how to develop the content, then starting from the needs of each link, including the concept of a series of activities. After the mode of transportation, and can eat, in the vicinity of the shopping district and so on.

after the listed requirements list, according to the demand to the collection and production of content, the contents of all sorted out, targeted to users in each link, the content and the user together.

two, according to different needs, develop personalized solutions

users of the same product oriented groups, they have different characteristics, needs and levels of action. For example, a piece of cake, it is not only a person to eat, can also be the dessert. For the product, according to the different needs of users, to provide different content services, which need to be based on the characteristics of the target user, interest, activity, etc., targeted to provide personalized service.

with maternal and infant products as an example. These audiences are divided into three stages of pregnancy, pregnancy, 0-6 years old, so the needs of the user groups are not the same. In the three stage, the breakdown of user groups demand is not the same, for example in the stage of pregnancy, the pregnancy reaction of each user is different, different considerations, diet is different, different inspection items and so on, so the product in the provision of services to the user, according to the different needs of each user, make reasonable the contents of operation.

three, related products recommended to effectively enhance the conversion rate of

for the product, even if the function and practicality are more perfect, if you do not give the product to do some recessive drainage, it is easy to drain the user. We are most familiar with the electricity supplier, when the completion of a shopping operation, in the subconscious has not yet to produce other goods, it is easy to turn off the page.

the customer is seemingly no loss, but from the shopping frequency, the user can do more, but because the products are unable to provide more services and allows users to leave, then, without prejudice to the interests of users, if relevant goods remain in the purchase of products under the user can easily according to the scene needs to check the related products, effectively improve the conversion rate.


as an example. Users in the order after the end, there will be a waiting room in the process, in this process.

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