Advertising or SNS website as the main profit model

recently, Analysys International released a report that 80% users on the dating website to increase advertising attitude is receiving a choice, which means that the Internet advertising revenue model will become one of the major social networking sites.

According to Analysys International

"China users 2008" online dating market research found that online dating users to add on the dating website main attitude advertising is a choice of receiving advertising, the proportion accounted for 76.4%; firmly opposed to advertising, welcome to advertising and indifferent proportion were 13.3%, 2.2% and 8.1%. Analysys analyst Liu Hongwei said: the user can accept the increase in advertising in the dating site to a great extent, but the advertising content must be consistent with the requirements of users, increase the type of advertising if the needs of the users have great differences, will lead to increased advertising aversion of the user.

at present, profit problem in the world of social networking sites has not been fully resolved, mature mode includes user fee model of Tencent value-added services and mobile phone advertising community, although in many social networking sites occupy a space for one person, but was still part of the social networking site questioned, it is difficult to separate the income support social networking site operators.

previously, social networking site staff to ChinaByte said it does not want ads on the user’s private space, will be carried out such as Tencent’s marketing model, but the largest SNS website now to the campus network as the main means of advertising revenue, visible for advertising is the main revenue means on the SNS website and internal the dispute.

SNS website has a wide range of user base and stickiness, is the combination of mass communication and mass communication, advertising effect has great potential. After the opening of API, more and more content information and services will be added, which will provide more advertising platform.

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