APP download station dilemma what to compete with the mobile client

The plight of

technical threshold is low, easy to be imitated; the market competition, the promotion of small; resource protection is poor, the maintenance cost is high; the user gradually turned to the mobile phone terminal. Overall, the dilemma is not that there is no future, but how to transition, how many imitators in talent shows itself. In order to enhance their own strength of the competition is a healthy competition, rather than mutual pressure to slander each other.


play smart phones, it is difficult to download games and software. For general users, there are three ways to download the phone APP:

1, website download. Download the APP installation package from the web site, and then through a variety of ways to reach the phone, click on the phone to install the installation package. This method is very suitable for Android users.

2, the PC client software assistant, such as pea pods, Android mobile phone housekeeper iOS, 91 assistants, WP synchronization assistant, DAPAI assistant, application of love. Download from the PC side can be installed directly to the phone, not only eliminates the flow of the phone, but also makes the operation more intuitive and convenient. However, this type of PC software is often forced to install mobile client.

so the next third ways is the direct use of mobile client download. This method is very suitable for WIFI environment, mobile phone player. Currently, the mobile client users have gradually exceeded WEB and PC download. So, with the popularity of PC assistant and mobile client, WEB download the future of the station where is the positioning of some of the Internet

dilemma: low technology threshold, easy to imitate

ten years ago, to do a website is a cow A thing. Five years ago, the site is also as a brilliant achievement. Today, the site construction cabbage price, coupled with the open source system rampant, will be able to do a site HTML. Even if nothing, find a template on a set, is a website. Mobile phone software download sites on the Internet countless, and almost all. In the face of so many imitators, the genuine website is very difficult to have a breakthrough in the competition.

dilemma two: competition in the market, the promotion of small

since the establishment of low technical threshold. And easy to imitate, then there will be countless competitors in the market, which will increase the difficulties in the promotion of brand and website promotion and competition. The first is the brand promotion, which makes me think of a slogan "some people imitate my face, some people imitate my face," some sites not only imitate your site UI, and even imitate your Logo and name.

second is a website promotion, also known as SEO. As a business or team regular website, we work hard to serve as the idea. While some imitators in ranking optimization for the purpose of black hat SEO and other improper optimization methods to catch up with you. As time and energy are limited to you, only watched by some fake foot first.

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