WeChat and then let go no public on the chain and picture advertising


] WeChat news billion state power public platform policy change more frequently, the day before, WeChat once again issued a new policy, announced that the public number can be put outside the chain of advertising.

it is understood that the WeChat public platform to update the two policies are all about advertising. First, the number of advertisers can be put into the public advertising, but the premise is the need to open WeChat payment.

another adjustment is: as the flow side of the public number of advertising specifications in the form of new pictures, and only text chain form. According to the number of public advertising hailun WeChat Tencent wide point revealed that the future of WeChat public number will also try more forms of advertising, such as advertising and graphic cards etc..

two adjustments can be seen in the public platform WeChat intends to release the WeChat ecosystem advertising restrictions, toward the end of the PC advertising and more similar pattern evolution.

According to

billion state power network to understand, WeChat since last year had already started public beta in advertising, but has been in a very cautious state. In July this year, WeChat officially launched the WeChat promotion platform, but become the main flow threshold is the number of public need to have more than 100 thousand fans.

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