Webmaster magazine released the top ten women’s forum rankings

shouted while Internet fractionize, as has the most consumption ability Chinese female group industry sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain in the domestic Internet tide emerged, after 2 years of development, has become a shining star.

day before, in the "stationmaster" released the latest domestic 10 women’s Forum on the list, "Chinese female fashion forum" elected to the domestic NO.1 women’s forum. The Forum 2005 site, nearly 300 thousand registered members, thousands of new posts on the day, members of the urban white-collar women based, radio and other public resources to do support, popularity has been very prosperous. However, there is no profit to a breakthrough point, the value of the business needs to dig.

In the past 03 years October

, announced the acquisition of women’s network; in May 06 NBC universal spend about $600 million acquisition of women website iVillage; in August 07, CNET Chinese announced the acquisition of female fashion website OnlyLady..

however, the increasingly high cost of operations on the Internet today, the new female website what is the way? "Stationmaster" in the course of the investigation found, Chongqing MMGO, Shanghai MM Regional Forum on women is distinctive, with considerable potential for development of


domestic 10 women’s forum list by the website editor, introductory research, public voting and other survey methods, ranking based on fair, open, scientific, 5 indicators of the main assessment: the activity of users, user satisfaction, the visibility of the site, the site into length, Alexa ranking. In response to these indicators, the webmaster set up a set of computational models, in order to get the initial evaluation data. According to the survey and related data, the organization of experts to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the final results.

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