Stationmaster net broadcast Alipay red grab you Two Sohu, right and wrong

1 WeChat public number by the end of the phone to copy the reporting function requires the administrator to confirm  

February 10th news, today evening, WeChat team released a public platform in the public platform to increase the number of mobile phone plagiarism reporting process. According to the reporting process, such as the discovery of a number of public copy of the public behavior of the article, can be reported in the entrance of the public article below the report.

in addition, in the process of specifying the identity number of public administrator or operator of micro signal directly to the public, initiated report, report to others when you need administrator confirmation.

2 "game net" domain name yxw.com was traced to 450 thousand yuan was seckill  

February 11th – the 3 letter domain name recently frequent transactions: domain name investors Benz watermelon acquisition "micro plastic" domain name wzx.com, the value of six digits; "game" domain name from yxw.com to 450 thousand yuan price by investors turned to the 3 Sister Li seckill; letters.Com domain name investment, the acquisition of dyq.com; otherwise investors to buy zln.cn.

domain name wzx.com, in addition to the translation of micro plastic, but also translated into the evening study, Joey Wong, philology and so on, a lot of choice in the site. Nowadays micro plastic is a hot topic, and the domain name wzx.com domain name, such as the meaning of the domain name, the market is still bullish.

3 Alipay red, my pants off, you give me this?  

the Alipay red DaTouZhen but unfortunately was poor, but also to other red envelopes during the Spring Festival are a reminder. No matter how to play, in the promotion should pay attention to integrity, excessive marketing and sometimes even bring disaster to their own, lost his wife and fold soldiers. It is said that the Spring Festival red envelopes and the amount of play is actually not very important, the most important thing is to truly respect the feelings of the user, the red envelopes of happiness and blessings to everyone.

last year, WeChat’s new year’s red envelope was a great success, making this year’s Spring Festival red envelopes, become the main battlefield of many Internet giants. This is the protagonist of course, or BAT three giants. Here is the Tencent WeChat and QQ wallet, while Ali is run by Alipay and micro-blog. Baidu also announced that it will unwilling to remain out of the limelight this year issued 1 billion envelopes, there are busybodies statistics, only BAT manufacturers intend to send to the people of the whole country more than 8 billion yuan red envelope. Due to the habits and user groups, users are the focus of WeChat and alipay. Well, have fun but also make a good beginning, a time of Red Raiders on the network crazy pass.

4 double Sohu, Sohu and the earnings of layoffs is right? Sohu  

this two-sided Sohu performance, in fact, more like a cover up, a kind of self-confidence to cover up. In fact, Sohu

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