YAHOO lightning off its online contest website Bix.com

                August 4th Beijing time evening news, according to foreign media reports, according to sources, YAHOO day before without prior notice in case of a sudden shut down its online game website Bix.com.

at least 6 days ago, users can also access Bix.com, the site is currently inaccessible.

as a large Internet Co, YAHOO in the absence of prior notice of the closure of its website confusing. Today, YAHOO still did not disclose any relevant information.

Bix.com was founded in 2006, in the year of August to provide users with online competition services. Bix.com provides the service competition involving Cara OK, lip singing, dancing, beauty, photography, and writing and other fields, the user only needs to submit photos, video, audio or text can play. Bix also provides a number of other basic community features as well as "upload to MySpace" tools. YAHOO acquired Bix.com in November 2006, hoping to expand social networking services.

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