The CBRC will thoroughly open closed end of the P2P frequency or regulatory rules

introduction: P2P industry clear centralized supervision of the CBRC, the CBRC also rushed to open the P2P industry ecosystem thoroughly action.

After the

P2P industry clear centralized supervision of the CBRC, the CBRC also rushed to open the P2P industry ecosystem thoroughly action.

recently, the "First Financial Daily" reporters from people close to the regulators informed, in May 22nd, the CBRC called the P2P industry development scale of several large institutions, including Lu Jin, Hongling venture, peer-to-peer lending, financial net points in closed door meetings, to understand the operation situation of these platforms and seek regulatory proposals in May 25th; regulators, including the CBRC, the central bank, has convened a number of P2P institutions, to discuss regulatory and industry.

CBRC recently held frequent closed door meetings, or also means that P2P industry regulation is accelerating.

regulatory rules is expected by the end of the statute

these two closed door meeting, is in line with the direction of the bottom line of regulatory refinement gradually, before the end of the relevant rules may be out." A person close to the regulators on the first financial daily reporters.

is one of the sources told reporters, in May 22nd will be held in the closed door meeting, mainly to consult the P2P mechanism of some business practices, such as whether to guarantee each product line, P2P platform related operations such as how much the content platform.

at the same time, the CBRC is also in the two meetings, consult the suggestions on the regulation of these P2P institutions, such as registered capital for how many good content, but it is not clear that how will supervision.

at the end of 2013, No. 107 ("on the strengthening of the shadow banking issues notice") is proposed to clarify the regulatory body of the network financial activities by the people’s Bank, in conjunction with relevant departments to study and formulate ways. At the beginning of this year, P2P industry regulation clearly placed under the CBRC, the CBRC will continue thereafter for some P2P the corresponding agencies conducted research.


research, including two closed door, the regulatory intent is clear P2P platform, operation mode to find out the mechanism, including the industry formats, for regulatory rules and no comment." The participants said.

although the regulations is not clear, but according to its introduction, at the meeting, the CBRC is put forward for some P2P obviously does not meet the current legal mode of operation, through civil way to prohibit, breaking the law bottom line approach will be more clear.

in April 21st this year, the CBRC held the disposal of illegal fund-raising meeting, the CBRC proposed business lending platform P2P network border to clear the four aspects: the intermediary nature of the clear, clear platform platform itself does not provide guarantees, imputation funds shall not engage in capital pool, not illegal absorb public funds.

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