Go up north! Adsense assembly picture documentary

the webmaster general assembly, attracted thousands of owners to participate, scale and influence are very huge, webmaster Wit sent editors throughout the follow-up, bring the scene photos, share with you


  conference hall publicity exhibition;

assembly booth  


assembly signature wall  



  around the stationmaster of a gathering of many people;

  Dong Qinfeng, the speaker of the laggards


best speaker Cool 6 network president Li Shanyou


"XuSanDuo award ceremony


51.com President Pang Dongsheng and editor photo


famous IT commentator Peng Peng


IT commentator Liu Huafang


Admin5 edit photo  


Admin5 and webmasters peer


hotel room

webmaster conference topics: http://s.top.admin5.com/zt/nh/

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