Stationmaster net broadcast daily million net shareholders detained Sogou Ali love end

1 home shopping network alleged pyramid sales closed nine shareholders arrested

following the Jiangxi Pacific direct purchase network, Fujian hundred percent rebate network, the Wenzhou business alliance and some shopping rebate business website, due to funding strand breaks occur, the collapse of enterprise boss fled after the incident, the day before, the country’s largest shopping rebate site this sales model, the initiator of evil Zhejiang billion Agel Ecommerce Ltd under the "million shopping website (hereinafter referred to as the" million shopping "), on suspicion of a crime MLM organization and leadership the relevant departments investigate closed, including nine shareholders, chairman of the company should be built by criminal detention.

just two years time, "million shopping" from an annual turnover of less than third square shopping guide website 2 million yuan, become the rapid expansion of stores throughout the country, the cumulative sales of 28 billion 700 million yuan of commercial freak, one the secret?


home shopping network alleged pyramid sales closed nine shareholders arrested

2 a year not to gambling sites take sixty million and

money is like falling from the sky, many people line up every day to account inside money, than I had feared."

said this, he called Feng Genghui, do the game site since gambling and detached, less than a year like leeches, from thousands of game player who sucked about 66000000 heavily.

"sitting in front of the computer to play, I really think that the game is just a bunch of gold numbers, it seems not to spend money to buy like, do not feel the loss of love."

said this, Ms. Jiang, a full-time wife; in Feng Genghui do the game site, unknowingly, she lost about 2000000.

in an interview with the Taizhou 7080 Game Center online gambling case, the reporter heard the words. These two words are condensed into one word: crazy!


a year to take sixty million gambling sites with


3: get rid of the Alibaba, will consider how to deal with the Qihoo 360

Sohu agreed to acquire from the hands of Alibaba, and Alibaba agreed to sell 24 million shares held by Sogou A series of preferred shares. This part of the stock is equivalent to 10.88% of the total share of the total circulation of the Sogou, the acquisition price of $25 million 800 thousand. In this calculation, Sogou valuation of about $237 million

Sohu in June 27th submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) form 8K documents show that the Sohu reached a series A preferred stock purchase agreement has been through a wholly owned subsidiary of Sohu limited and Alibaba investment limited.


Sogou: get rid of Alibaba

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