Hong Bo the nternet is the most suitable for ordinary people in the field of entrepreneurship

shell network collapse for the industry to chill out, the reporter noted that, similar to the shell network Internet business events almost every day in the event of failure. In the face of success and failure may be visible, Internet or entrepreneurial hot spot? The reporter interviewed the Internet famous person, the founder of the five quarter of Hong Bo consulting, in his view, the rate of failure of the Internet business no matter how high, which is still one of the most suitable for the field of entrepreneurship in general.

reporter: what are the main difficulties faced by Internet entrepreneurs?

Hong Bo: This is a difficult question to answer, for the first time entrepreneurs are almost always difficult, talent, technology, capital, products, markets, etc..

reporter: shell of the collapse of the network for us what enlightenment?

Hong Bo: choose entrepreneurship, risk is to choose, so I admire all business people, no matter what their initial motivation is that they chose a safe, there is a risk, may have to bear against the road failure at any time. Entrepreneurship is a passion, but also a kind of courage.

Silicon Valley has become a paradise for entrepreneurs, in addition to the surrounding supporting environment and the convenience of the investment environment, there is a very important point, that is, to encourage attempts to respect the failure. Of course, the failure here is the failure to create, not to follow the trend of failure, or failure in imitation. After a failure, and even how the failure may not understand, not to mention the failure to become a wealth of life. Hou Baolin said a riddle: when he came out, he did not see it, and when he came back, he saw nothing. Answer: wood pegs. There have been failures experienced entrepreneurs, at least not be with a wooden peg down. The successful person always love to talk in the spotlight, not reliable reliable have become his experience, to prove its prophetic vision of material. But the loser really knew what was going on. So there are VC and even those who have chosen to have the experience of the failure of entrepreneurs to invest, they cast the courage of these people, as well as a chance to make a mistake.

at the same time, low cost business not to worry too much about failure, but failed to make their own as clear as noonday. Entrepreneurial passion, but not only passion.

reporter: similar to the case of shell network is very common?

Hong Bo: this example of entrepreneurial failure does not necessarily happen every day, but there must be a lot of failure is not known to us. The Internet entrepreneur threshold, the cost is relatively low, this is caused by the lack of preparation, the rush of a lot of entrepreneurs, not failure.

reporter: there have been data show that the Internet venture, the probability of failure is 99%, which is a kind of concept?
Hong Bo: first, I doubt it. Many of the original business, if not on the start, at the most is the amateur play, failure is almost no loss of what. But resigned, put money, pull the team began to start the business, >

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