12306 picture verification code began to show the power of cattle lost advantage

morning news reporter Song Jie

train tickets tickets have entered the final stage, the Internet and telephone sale of small ticket will be on sale tomorrow night, new year’s Eve after the ticket, grab tickets war will come to an end.

yesterday, reporters with their hands and grab a ticket software and cattle three ways of panic buying the most tight Chengdu, Chongqing direction hard sleeper ticket, results were not successful. Do it yourself, "an instant ticket sale ticket is gone, and the software to grab votes and cattle in the face of this year for the first time in the spring of the actual code verification of wonderful pictures also" embarrassed ", only to grasp in times of panic buying tight hard seat ticket or brush votes on these.

known as the national train sales center cattle:

grab Chengdu sleeper failure, recommended Jianlou

I do not buy this year, I recommend to you a friend, the success rate is very high, a few days ago, I was there to buy a ticket." Reporters yesterday in a number of tickets for reliable group purchasing cattle, one of the QQ signature written on the "purchase train tickets" friends told reporters that this year his brush votes success rate is very low, so simply do not do, but he is also a friend is very strong, it is worth a try. Reporter then contacted the very strong purchasing cattle. His name is "arrogant" – the "national train ticket sales center".

communicate with reporters when his language is very simple. "Don’t chat, you write their booking trips and needs to accept the price, your ID number, mobile phone number, the name can be told." The cattle said. In the reporter received a payment of 120 yuan fee, he immediately sent a notice: purchasing tickets to provide the name, identity card number, he travel range (trips, travel time, seating requirements), pre-sale time and contact; his brush to inform the ticket buyers. Tickets through Alipay or online banking to pay him a fee; then he offered to log 12306 account to pay the tickets, railway official website. For the reporter’s question "why some purchasing cattle can use their tickets 12306 tickets account", he said, the team brush votes, all with their own 12306 account, do not accept please provide account, mainly to prevent some people "run".

"we are three years of professional team on behalf of the brush, are using money to buy the software, very guaranteed." He said. Reporters then submit their personal information, and require the purchase of February 5th from Shanghai to Chengdu the most tight sleeper ticket. "14:30 on sale, you and other news." He is well aware of the pre-sale time, from Shanghai to Chengdu sleeper tickets are basically sold at 14:30.

but at 14:35 yesterday, the cattle still did not reply to reporters, reporters asked, he still did not reply, but in a group posted some victories – 5 Shanghai to Nanchong hard seat ticket. "Do not buy, but don’t worry, can help you to brush votes." After a few minutes, he did so

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