DJ, how long can you live… I often count the number of DJ sites, and now the DJ station is more than the stars in the sky.

DJ site, not necessarily money can do. You need to have your own team, you need the original DJ works. [Topic]

Baidu DJ, you will find that there are countless DJ stations, and every day to increase the speed of N+1. Most of the DJ stations are not their own servers, are hotlinking other sites, and I also rely on others to sponsor space. Every day to view the songs uploaded by users, listen to songs, if it is good to publish to the website. But the original DJ is not a lot, is not very good in China DJ?

I, a child, left school early, to the cruel reality of life. Experienced too many things, so inadvertently came to this virtual world. I am very fond of DJ dance, every day to each DJ station to find their favorite songs to listen to. Found that most of the sites are similar, basically everyone is plagiarism, hotlinking is very serious.

‘s own DJ prompted by a sudden impulse, absolute station. Think of themselves as well as the previous one yuan to buy the domain name WWW.888QQQ.CN   borrowed some space to friends, began to engage in their own DJ station. From then on the Internet was born with a humble DJ website — China ball DJ League

at first, the space is only 1G. Is not willing to use, so the songs uploaded to those free space, but I found a day free space is closed. At that time, tears are coming out. This is all my heart, that’s a little bit of my music. To have to ADMIN5 for sponsorship server who met a friend. He said to provide me with space, but he has a lot of conditions, I can not accept.

every day to count statistics several times, see IP increase, the mood is very happy. Since then, I began to look for DJ every day, and those DJ friends exchange. So there is a lot of original works to my station, indescribably happy. Oh I digress [


again here to remind those who do DJ station webmaster, please upload a lot of original works, the original is the best!

my site space is going to be gone soon, I really don’t want to let the ball DJ League disappear!

I published this article, but also hope to be able to meet my server. My QQ:344527885 thank you

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