ndividuals can register CN domain name CNNC or backdoor new regulations into Kongwen

days ago, the legal profession pointed out that if there is no proper audit mechanism, rely on some illegal conditions, individual users can still through the false false registered company, CN domain name registration.

the person believes that, in theory, to circumvent the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) new regulations just need a business license, or an organization code.

these two conditions, can be funded through false, registered company to get the bag.

according to the sources explained that in accordance with the company law of our country, the ordinary limited liability company (shareholders of more than 2 people, 50 people or less) the minimum registered capital of only thirty thousand yuan; a limited liability company (only 1 natural person shareholders) the minimum registered capital of one hundred thousand yuan.

it is understood that in the Beijing area, in accordance with the thirty thousand yuan capital of a total number of false registration of a limited company, ranging from $300 to $600. After the registration is successful, the individual can not only make use of the company’s false information to register, but also bear the corresponding legal consequences.

law is concerned, individuals with "shell company" false registration once spread, the introduction of new regulations on CNNIC before only allow enterprises or organizations registered CN domain name will become a mere scrap of paper.

background introduction

in December 11th, in order to strengthen the audit work of domain name registration information, Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) issued a notice requirement, from December 14, 2009 at 9 in the morning, the user to the Registrar to submit online applications for domain name registration and shall submit a written application materials. Application materials, including the official seal of the domain name registration application form (original), business license or organization code certificate (copy), the registration of the identity certificate (copy).

industry believes that this means that in the short term will not be eligible for individual users to register domain names.

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