Melee, flow channels for P2P net loan platform really so important

, fast development in the current P2P net loan competitive environment, many platform operators, on to the platform to the platform for the promotion of the founder, who are actively looking for external promotion channels, to fight for money, Internet traffic, so traffic for the P2P platform is really the core of it or the most important



traffic is king once Internet entrepreneurs slogan, rapid development, in the current P2P net loan competitive environment, a lot of people on the platform operation platform to platform for the promotion of the founder, who are actively looking for external promotion channels, think they have enough traffic sources, no matter how fast can a platform do it, under this idea, some platforms regardless of capital adequacy is out of the money to fight, fight for Internet traffic, so today I want to discuss with you, in the current P2P net loan development environment, the flow for the P2P platform is the most core or say the most important


P2P net loan development so far, it can be said that after many times of baptism, from the beginning to now there is No one shows any interest in talking, questioning and slander from the beginning to the present from the beginning to blossom everywhere, low cost and high efficiency to the general high cost and low benefit now. No matter to everyone on the P2P development is how to treat, but as a P2P net loan industry veteran, see come to this step is not easy.

but at the moment, I saw a lot of entrepreneurs are gradually falling into the predicament, and gradually go astray, today I must be with you together to explore, in the moment for the P2P net loan platform development, what is the most important, especially for those small platform, how to survive in the tide, do not flow into the battle battle the predicament.

first, the platform to find their own position, do not do what they can not do

in the Internet world, many things seem good, actually can not catch, more can not accurately grasp, even very powerful Internet talent, also cannot give you that he can judge the result of the first step. For example, for a new platform, he dare say I spent 1 million, bringing the number of effective users. Why, because the most important for the operation of the Internet is not only spend promotion can be done, especially in the moment, the platform is what background, what platform products, the platform has what experience, which are directly related to the development of the platform.

if a common platform, not what the credibility of a strong enterprise and product endorsement, investors need not so conforms to the Internet, then the Internet experience is not high, you spend more money, what to use, in addition to attract a large number of wool off. There are at present, state-owned enterprises, listed banks, the background of the platform is good, they have a lot of products is also good, at least in the Internet to see investors good products guaranteed income, annual yield of more than 15% (regardless of why they are so high, with >

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