Chinese subtitles group was arrested in Japan illegally to Japanese animation with Chinese subtitles

 Global network reporter Yu Pengfei reported [

] "subtitle group" is the users are very familiar, they are free to provide Japanese animation and national television drama Chinese subtitles, the speed and quality of each group will have subtitles and translation. However, the recent two Chinese subtitles group members were arrested by Japanese police on suspicion of illegal infringement of animation works in kyoto.

According to Japan’s "

" Yomiuri Shimbun reported on September 29th, two Chinese nationals arrested subtitle "members of the group were 30 year old in the Japanese company staff and 20 year old college student.


report quoted local police sources said, during the year 7 to August, two people sharing software through the book of events "," dust Arslan Senki series with a flurry of animation Chinese subtitles, and broadcast on television to spread to the Internet within a few hours.

had a Japanese media coverage of the Chinese subtitles group, said the subtitle group did not pay to insist on translation because of love. In fact, these translations are not copyright, is a tort, but also reflects the Japanese culture is very popular with young Chinese people.

it is reported that, according to the provisions of the Japan International Film Copyright Association, it is a white do subtitles is undoubtedly violated the rights of interests of the parties to do this thing actually violated Japanese subtitles in the copyright law of twenty-seventh translation rights. In addition, the unauthorized translation may not be able to reflect the essence and intention of the original, although we all understand the truth, but everyone watching subtitles.

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