Buy shuffle spread to the frontline camp website complaint resolution rate of only 40%


buy this year or will usher in the second downsizing

after a reshuffle, group purchase website at the end of January, the number of 3790, down 117, has spread a group purchase website. According to the group purchase navigation site 800 the latest data show that during the Spring Festival this year, the national market sales volume still reached 1 billion 350 million yuan, up 255% year-on-year in 2011, the Spring Festival month, however, in January a total of 102 group purchase website by complaints, which accounted for 43.1% of group purchase website first, complaint resolution rate is only 40%.

service class group accounted for 84%

according to statistics, in January this year, group purchase to buy up to 34 million 820 thousand people, an increase of 339%, down 19% from the previous month. In total 63 thousand period the group purchase activities, service oriented group purchase idle away in seeking pleasure accounted for more than 84%, to 1 billion 110 million yuan turnover to prop up the market group purchase in January.

according to the group 800 complaints Forum Statistics, in January a total of 102 group purchase website is your complaints, a total of 768 cases, 331 of which are in the first group purchase website complaints, accounting for 43.1%. Insiders pointed out that due to the number of the first group purchase site, open group number, the number of complaints was relatively high, but the first group purchase website can quickly deal with the problems encountered by consumers, so to solve the total amount and the ratio of complaints is gradually beyond its he group purchase website.

market continues to evolve

2011 group buying industry has eliminated a large number of players. According to the group 800 continuous observation, as of the end of January, group purchase website number is 3790, down 117, and has spread to the first group purchase website.

with the widening gap between group purchase website, from VCs blitz to look on coldly, the group purchase websites around the business resources and users of the competition will be more intense. So, whether it is the entire industry or the first line of the site are experiencing a hierarchical, this upheaval is likely to occur around the two quarter of this year – the total number of buy site is about to usher in the second downsizing.

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