Criminals crazy tampering phishing attacks increased three times in January

      May 31st message, according to the monitoring data of industry safety organization, from March to April, "URL phishing attacks increased by nearly three times, a strategy for cyber criminals re enabled by the end of 2006 was used, which is trying to bypass the browser software based on the function of anti phishing filter.

      according to APWG (anti phishing organization), one composed of 1600 companies and government agencies industry alliance, said recently, a number of months, single site increased from 20871 in March to 55643 in April. "Through the use of a large number of RUL web site, they tried to break through the anti phishing filter device, there may be many URL pointing to the same phishing site," APWG Secretary General Peter · card Saydee said, "the phishing attackers isn’t going to register more than usual number of domain names, but just let go of randomly generated sub domains. URL more."

      Saydee said: "because a single URL is usually not identified and recorded by the filtering software". Whether Microsoft’s IE or Mozilla, Firefox, rely on phishing sites to remind the user blacklist. But Cassidy also said that with the continuous improvement of network protocols and systems, similar technical vulnerabilities will gradually be blocked.

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