Google temporarily shut down real time search service, said the agreement expires with Twitter

NetEase science and technology news July 5th, according to The Associated Press, Google Corporation recently temporarily shut down Google real-time search services. Previously, the use of real-time search Google users can find Twitter, Facebook and FriendFeed and other social networking sites instantly updated information. Google said, shutting down the reason is that the agreement with Twitter expires in July 2nd".


team yesterday, real-time search Google by Twitter published the news that because Google is exploring how to integrate the recently launched Google+ social product into the real-time search service, therefore had to temporarily interrupt to provide real-time search service. At the same time, the message also said, please do not go away".

Google spokesman

Gabriel · (Gabriel Stricker); he said, Google wants to make Google+ and Twitter, real-time data Facebook and other social networking sites will be integrated into the Google search in real time.

is reported that Google+ is the latest move Google Corporation social networking. Google Corporation launched this service last week. Registered Google+ users can share information in a small circle of family, friends or colleagues.

at this point, Google sent an e-mail to the media, said Google and Twitter signed a cooperation agreement on real-time search has expired. The letter said: in October 2009, we signed an agreement with Twitter, allowing Google real-time search results include real-time updates to the Twitter information. The deadline for this agreement is July 2nd."

Google stressed the need to restart the real-time search service, but did not give a specific timetable to restart the service. Google said that after the restart of real-time search results, will not only include the updated information on the Google+, but also will be included in other social networking sites instant information.

previously, most of the results of Google instant search from the Twitter site. It is unclear why Google and Twitter failed to extend the agreement between the two.

this, Twitter responded by saying, now we deal with Google expires. But we will continue to Microsoft, YAHOO and YAHOO and other search sites to provide real-time search content."

Google, said: in the past two years, Twitter has been a valued partner, and we look forward to the future with Twitter have more forms of cooperation."

reported that Twitter and Google and Microsoft on the same day on the real-time search agreement signed. It seems that Twitter and Microsoft will be real-time search cooperation will continue. (righteousness)

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