Stationmaster net October 1st broadcast traffic monthly not cleared Tmall North Jingdong strife

1 Baidu announced the reorganization of the board of directors Yang Yuanqing and former Uber CFO joined  

September 30th news, Baidu today announced the change of its board of directors. Brent (Brent) has been appointed as a member of Baidu’s board of directors and members of the audit committee of the board of directors of the board of directors of the company (Callinicos).

Yang Yuanqing was appointed as a member of the Baidu board of directors and a member of the Remuneration Committee of the board of directors of the company. Dei Nobuyuki (Nobuyuki Idei) and will step down as a member of the board of directors of Baidu, they were held in June 2007 and October 2013 as the post, has completed its term of office. These adjustments will take effect from October 1, 2015.

Liu Qiang Fury: Tmall

2 tocin North Jingdong  

civil strife;

After the

from Tmall supermarket, Tmall electric continuously sent one billion envelopes of cash, the Jingdong apparently sit still, in the recent launch of the "eleven home lay purchase day" activities, announced plans to send one billion coupons. Unfortunately, although the same as one billion, but there is a fundamental difference: the user is no cash coupon use conditions, the user can receive the shopping coupons arrived now, and has the prerequisites, such as the purchase amount reaches a certain amount to be used.

is not difficult to find a Jingdong called "coupon" was not meant to user feedback, the opposite is a gimmick to stimulate the user that Jingdong contributed to cash flow, the Jingdong has become cautious in the promotion even through the promotion for users of cheap companies. Of course, iron brother is not that the Jingdong with no practical significance of the "gift" against Tmall is part of it, behind the more helpless.

3 single brush and the demolition of the story: Ali Jingdong  

brush single platform disaster caused by flooding water;

a few days ago an article greeted "$10 million financing is being made:" the Burning Crusade fitness bad company, I have 220 thousand yuan of property! Please forward, justice! "," absolute attract eyeball, a month ago, a good friend of the company also suffered a similar predicament not only crusade. By cooperative businesses, but the abolition of the staff. "Brush", the word is so high frequency in the industry. This reminds me of the "demolition" story of China!

brush single story

saw Uber decided to crack down on the car driver brush yesterday.

a few days ago, a friend told me that the investment banking industry, the proportion of the industry’s average brush how much because he served the company met the discount requirements of investors. If you are in accordance with the valuation of sales of water, then, of course, to remove moisture.

4 in the winter, there are so many bubbles: a total of 50 start-up companies a month into the!  

O2O the industry seems to be dying, and

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