Free reading era has been the past charges will be mainstream

some people say that the Internet is advocating the spirit of sharing, this is not false. But the times are always changing, the proliferation of free information on the Internet to make the information becomes messy, repeated. But in recent years, reading mode has become clear, many platforms have begun in slowly do! Because we’ve slowly began to pay attention to copyright, the results of writing people slowly began to respect labor! After the payment mode will be the mainstream of


Han Han a letter to Baidu

Han Han in 2013 of March, when he wrote a letter to Baidu CEO, the contents of the letter about the Baidu library infringement. Then, Han Han illustrates the writer when some is not easy, let a person look after moving for


what are the consequences of this letter is that Baidu library began to respect the original works, and began charging. This fee is to allow the original works to get economic benefits. This also indirectly shows that Baidu library identified the original author should enjoy the interests of copyright



WeChat public no unauthorized reproduction of other people’s work was sentenced to infringement

Guangdong, Zhongshan, the first people’s Court on the first case of infringement of the first case of WeChat verdict. The court found the defendant Zhongshan storm technology company WeChat public number of violations of the plaintiff without permission of Zhongshan commercial housing network technology company’s copyright, order the defendant to make an apology and compensation for economic losses.

this is a news report on the Internet recently, and even the number of WeChat public reprint of the work of others have been sentenced to infringement. What does this mean? It shows that copyright protection is more and more supported by law. Of course, it will be more and more supported by the people!

Baidu read and NetEase read

do not know if you have noticed Baidu reading and reading are two NetEase, an e-book platform, simply, is that you write original e-book can be sold on their platform! Baidu reading revenue is 37 is divided into, you 70%, he 30%. NetEase, I also registered, however, did not upload the e-book! Like this support for original works, but also to the author of the benefits of the platform is also more and more, this is just a beginning!

Baidu experience original revenue

When the

in 2013 June, the Baidu search engine to combat low quality waste site, opened an original spark program, Baidu now also start from their own, in order to better collect original resources to their platform, Baidu opened a pay Baidu experience! Is Baidu experience author, as long as the release of the original article, you can enjoy the press browse times earnings! This is Baidu in support of a big move of the original article! A big action is to respect the original author of the


today’s headlines are divided into

of course, except for the above

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